Monday, March 12, 2012

Jedi getting fit

Today was a conditioning day. Jedi is such a trooper. Because he is so LARGE, I am careful about getting him fit enough and keeping him sound in the process.  Doesn't do me any good to have the most talented, fancy horse at the show if he isn't sound!

One of the things I have found to really step up his fitness without hard mileage is the Hydro Horse at Circle Oak Equine in Petaluma.  I can go once a week and I am amazed the difference it really makes! He seems to have an increased range of motion and it builds both his strength and his cardio! Doing that along with our gallops at the beach and some hill work and Jedi feels amazing! Getting ready for that CIC** at the end of the month. So if we don't quite make the Olympic three day team he will be primed for the swim team! Watch out Michael Phelps!

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