Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rolex in our future

Natalie and Jedi in 2012
Natalie and Aladdin in 2001

Oh my, has life been CRAZY lately. I definitely have been testing my ability to juggle.  My kids, the shows, two farms, planning an inspection, a Greg Best clinic, starting a couple young ones, a Pony Club Rally,  buying and selling horses for clients, dealing with my injured goodness.  I need to take a breath.

Thankfully my horses give me strength!  Jedi has been the source of the twinkle in my eye.  He has been reminding me what it was like (once upon a time) to have a special horse (sniffle) that feels like you could light the world on fire!  A horse that makes you dream of the Olympics, a red coat, and possibly a Rolex watch! Jedi easily skipped around the CIC** at Galway for a fourth place finish and then the CCI** at Twin Rivers for fifth would have been second if it weren't for one very expensive rail down in show jumping.  I am so glad Greg will be here in two weeks to put the polish back on my show jumping!

Watching the four star at Rolex on my computer this weekend was even more exciting this year knowing that I have a horse that should be ready to meet that challenge in 2013. Both Allison Springer and William Fox Pitt are inspirational and I have enjoyed how technology took me to Lexington for an exciting three days of competition.

Thanks to all of my team who have been so supportive and helpful in these last couple of crazy months! Linda, Katie, Susan, Marjorie, Anya, Rodney, Anja, and my wonderful kids Tyler and Sydney.

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